high fashion. (mixtape download!)

September 29, 2009
High Fashion

FINALLY!!! My High Fashion mixtape is here! I won’t go into too much detail here, as tomorrow I’ll post up a little track-by-track rundown so you have a little story behind each of the tracks, and why they’re collected on here as opposed to on the Quiet Storm album proper.  This mixtape is a collection of cover versions, outtakes, b-sides and remixes of songs on the album… plus it includes 3 tracks which are on Quiet Storm (including first single “Touch Me“) to whet your appetite for the album coming at the end of October (keep an eye out!).

Download High Fashion HERE or HERE

The tracklisting for High Fashion is as follows:

1. Catwalk (Intro)

2. Official Boy

3. Touch Me*

4. Hook Boy (Remix)

5. Get Me Home (Interlude)

6. Jump Off (Part I) (Snippet)

7. Don’t Look Now (Game Over)

8. Pronunciation (Interlude)

9. Armani Earrings*

10. Can’t Play A Playa

11. Wild Heart

12. Role Model

13. Broke Without Remedy

14. In Love*

15. I Want To Know What Love Is

16. High Fashion (Outro) (Acapella)

*tracks taken from Quiet Storm

I sincerely hope you enjoy the mixtape, and remember – these are the tracks that didn’t make Quiet Storm, so I honestly think that the best is yet to come! This mixtape is just a fun little tidbit to whet your appetites.  Let me know if you need me to re-up the download link or any other comments that you have, and keep it locked!  🙂

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  1. […] to be a straightforward R&B ballad (and you can hear a snippet of the original version on my High Fashion mixtape), but having heard The-Dream’s original version of Mariah Carey’s […]

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