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Tube update: Regent’s Park.

November 14, 2011

This morning I had to go to Westminster, so I took a picture of Regent’s Park station. The park across from here is so pretty – back at the end of summer / beginning of autumn, I had a very nice lunchtime picnic (of sorts!). Unfortunately, the station is another subway one, so there’s not a great deal of it to see, but nevertheless I diligently took my picture:

I would also have taken a picture of Great Portland Street station (which is where I head to on my way back from Westminster) but I was with my boss and she was in a rush, so I didn’t want to a) delay her, and b) for her to think I am weird – I couldn’t be bothered to explain my project! So maybe next time…


quiet storm. (new single!)

April 15, 2010

Check out the 4th single, title track and centrepiece from my album Quiet Storm, which you can download for free here!

More songs from the album available on my myspace to preview 🙂

The new single cover includes a brand new picture taken by Toby of me posing against a metal wall on the Bristol waterfront!

As always, I really hope you enjoy the song, the album, and thankyou for your support 🙂