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Tube update extravaganza: Royal Oak, Lancaster Gate, King’s Cross St. Pancras and Euston.

February 20, 2012

So I feel like a have a lot to share about both what I’ve been up to, and about my emotional ups and downs as of late. This post however is a picture-heavy one, so it’s going to be light on the details! I have been keeping up my lunchtime walks to allow me some precious time out of the office and enjoying the fresh air, as well as see new parts of London. So I have now added Royal Oak and Lancaster Gate to my collection of tube stations visited and snapped:

Then on Saturday, I took a trip up to Peterborough to see Toby’s family. So I caught the train from King’s Cross:

But the train was cancelled (thank you East Coast!), so I took my additional half-hour waiting time and walked to Euston and took a picture of that station too!