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what’s natural?

September 13, 2010

So Mike and I were having a cigarette break during work today (the job has been going much better this last week; ironically since the start of term, although I’ve been very busy, I’ve enjoyed it a lot more because there have been less meetings and more actually doing stuff) and he suddenly asks me “If you and Toby have kids, would you have a surrogate or adopt?” I replied “Adopt, but it’s up to Toby what he would like, we’d talk about it.” Mike says: “I thought you would want a surrogate, you’re not bothered about having a blood link to your child?” Me: “No, not really. I know adoption can be difficult and problematic too, but I wouldn’t get involved with a surrogate. The blood line thing doesn’t bother me.” Mike: “So you have no desire to spread your seed? Just as you’re an only child and all.” “Nope, not really bothered.” “What about your parents? I am sure they’d like you to continue the family line.” “It would be my child, I couldn’t give a fuck what my parents want or think or whatever.” “But I’m sure you would care, a little bit.”

I can assure you that I Wouldn’t Care. I understand Mike’s argument totally, but it just doesn’t apply to me. I would love to have a child, but they do not have to be tied to me by blood for me to love them; the idea of a surrogate carrying a baby for 9 months for me and my partner seems both unreasonable, and then I would be scared that they would change their mind and keep the baby for themselves, or that we would have to have some kind of triangular parenting strategy; my mind boggles at that. So adoption to me, despite the legal wranglings and wait lists etc., seems more straightforward, and although I am not an Angelina Jolie / Madonna fan, I think that the idea of adopting a child from a less fortunate background and being able to give them new opportunities and a new start in life appeals to me. But it would be a joint decision between me and Toby, or me and my partner, when the time came, and I would take his opinion into account. I wouldn’t take my parents’ or family’s or friends’ opinions into account that much because at the end of the day, this is MY child, I would be the one raising it and I would therefore have the final say. It would be between me and my man and that is it.

Am I unnatural for feeling no desire to carry on my bloodline, to “spread my seed” as Mike put it? I mean, genetically I’m pretty cool – pretty, strong, talented and intelligent 😉 But seriously speaking, I know that most people seem to feel quite strongly about this idea. Whereas if anything, I would feel a twinge of satisfaction at denying my family – particularly my father’s side of the family – the continuation of their bloodline. Because they ostracised my mother and I during my youth; and because if that is all that is important to them, then they have their priorities wrong. And my mother’s side of the family is ok, but they live in the past somewhat.  This is a new day, and I control my life; not God or my parents or my family or the Catholic Church. My decision; what I say goes. Perhaps I shouldn’t let this resentment cloud my judgement, but even if I didn’t feel any resentment (and it’s only a twinge, anyway), I still don’t think it would affect my viewpoint: I would happily adopt, bloodline and genetics be damned. If that makes me a freak, then add it to the list of other reasons.


Transformers 2 and the city.

July 1, 2009

Went to the cinema with Davina, Deena, Frankie and Mel to see Transformers 2.  Against type, I a) did not fall asleep, and b) did not tweet once during the film!  So it was a reasonable success, despite the film being 2 and a half hours long and having far too many robot-on-robot fights.  It only really came alive for me during the human fights.  And the whole saying “I love you” business was a bit ridiculous. There was also a Martine McCutcheon moment when one of the male characters (I like to think it was Josh Duhamel, but correct me if I’m mistaken) said “This is my moment”.  I whisper-sang “This is my perfect moment” and we all CDFU!  Occasionally I am comedic, yes.

The highlight of the film for me, as a 99% gay male, was the sexuality exuded by Megan Fox.  Yes, Isabel Lucas positively burned the screen during her time, but her role had me solely whisper-yelling “Slut!” at the screen (which I guess was the purpose of it, so well done Michael Bay).  But Megan Fox, despite not really displaying her acting chops (I presume she does have some), was pure fire.  Look at this bish:

Megan Fox + car

Megan Fox + car

Yes.  Yes yes yes.  Jessica Alba, you have some competition.  Beyoncé, move to the back of the class.  Ciara… well, I still love you.  But Megan Fox was scorching!  The other 1% of my sexuality was very satisfied during this film.  I prefer her to Angelina Jolie, for realz.  So my review of Transformers 2 was a surprising thumbs up! Not the best film I’ve ever seen, but certainly exceeded my low expectations.

Looking at Megan Fox (and trying my hardest not to compare her with mismatch Shia LaBoeuf – seriously, on what universe?!) got me thinking on the nature of beauty.  But that is a whole other post, because I don’t want this to be a super-epic-thon like the last two.  But apart from being super-obsessed with my looks and my weight and my body and my clothes and my perfume, I wanted to know, what makes me feel beautiful / handsome?  Well… many things.  But what makes me feel attractive or sexy or handsome without requiring the validation of someone else?  Tonight, these things made me feel good:

  • Riding home in Davina’s car with the window all the way down and the wind blowing through my hair and on my skin.
  • Singing along to Toni Braxton – “Hit The Freeway” – it’s been a long time since I’ve heard that song without me being the one playing it!
  • The city lights shining in a twilight sky.
  • Spending a lovely evening with friends.

Sometimes, more really is more.  But at other times the cliché holds true, and it is the simple things that really make you (or at least me) sit up and appreciate the good things in life.  Because when there’s so much negativity in the world on a daily basis, we all have to take what we can get!  So I am taking as much as I can, and I hope that you do too. Goodnight folks 🙂