family ties. (+ Mill Hill East)

December 18, 2012

In direct contrast to my blog the other evening about my extended family’s impending non-acceptance of my sexuality, on Sunday Toby and I journeyed up to Mill Hill East to meet his grandmother – for me, this was the first time and I was a bit nervous! But at the same time, I was very excited as it was meaningful to be introduced to more members of his family. In contrast to my family, Toby’s family have been nothing but welcoming and although at first Toby had met more of my family than I had of his, by this point he’s clearly winning the race. (He does have more relatives than me, to be fair.) I’ve felt nothing but welcome and love from them.

But first of all, we had to get up there. Mill Hill East is very far away from Chiswick. So far, in fact, that it has its own special branch of the Northern line.

Mill Hill East


Eventually after the hour + journey, we arrived at Toby’s grandmother’s place, where I realised that I do have talents and hobbies, and can thus describe myself effectively and interestingly. I also enjoyed a couple of pieces of apple strudel, which is momentous for me because I generally avoid anything containing fruit like the plague. I had a lovely time and I hope that I made a good impression – I was myself, but I also feel that I presented myself well. I just wish that my own family would be as welcoming.

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