Tube update: Liverpool Street

July 1, 2012

Yesterday, Toby and I went up to Manningtree in Essex to visit his uncle and aunt. It was my first time meeting them, so I was a bit nervous but they made me feel at home and made us a terrific lunch. They also had a beautiful golden labrador, Jack, who quickly realised that I would lavish him with the attention he craved – we took him for a walk along the estuary in the afternoon, and this walk combined with sitting outside to eat lunch, ensured that Toby and I both caught a lot more of the sun than we anticipated! We’re both a bit pink today, though at least I am starting to turn brown – perhaps I could pretend I’ve been away somewhere exotic? If only!

At Liverpool Street Station, they had a “Street Piano” – now, this was the first time I had seen one of these! Toby encouraged me to have a go (the lady who had been playing it before me was excellent, so I didn’t really know how to follow that), so I played a bit of Für Elise, and someone complimented me! This was lovely, but I couldn’t remember how the rest of the piece went, so I decided to just make something up. It was really fun, and made me miss my piano at home!  Hopefully when we move, we’ll have enough space to put a piano in our new flat, and then I can try to find one on Freecycle. 🙂

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