Tube update: West Hampstead.

April 24, 2012

I have a new appreciation for the Overground, after deciding to try a different route home from the Hampstead campus on Monday afternoon. The hardest part of my journey was locating the above station – to get to West Hampstead, I had to walk behind Homebase, and then through the car park for a Volkswagen dealership. On the right, there was a big metal fence and a train track, and straight ahead this metal fence continued. I wandered around the car park perturbed. Eventually, I found a salesman who was rushing inside from the drizzle, and he indicated a tiny gap in a metal fence that I could walk through – it was technically a gate, but it was ajar and there was a chain linking the gate to the rest of the fence at the top. Quite bizarre!

Once I got on the train however, it was quite swift – even with having to change at Willesden Junction! And the best part was that it was a mere £1.50. I think I will try this trip again before making it my new route of choice, but I was pleasantly surprised. Onto the next!

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  1. […] then walked back to West Hampstead to get the 328 back to Earls Court, which was a long journey! In my previous London Underground post on West Hampstead, I had just posted a picture of the Overground station, and as the bus was going past, I managed to […]

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