quiet storm. (THE ALBUM! + download.)

October 25, 2009


Quiet Storm coverMy album is here!  I sincerely hope you like it – I’ve already been showing you some of the artwork in the past week, and you get all the m4a files + an album booklet with all the lyrics and a few photos in it.  I do you right! 🙂  I’ll be uploading more links during the next day or so, but for the moment you can download it HERE!  Songs for preview are available on my myspace if you wanna have a listen to some of the songs. 😉  Enjoy!!!  I’ll run through the various songs in a post soon so you’ll learn a bit more about them, but some of them are very fun, while others are quite personal to me.  Thanks for the support, and I really hope you like the music and feel it.  Here’s the tracklisting once more:



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  7. […] and share it with you all.  It allows me to produce and record my songs and create albums like Quiet Storm which is my pride and joy, and I’ve felt so privileged to be able to share that with all of […]

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  12. […] song was written not long after Quiet Storm was done, and the piano intro is supposed to be reminiscent of Prince / The-Dream. I remember […]

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