Hello world! (keeping the original title supplied by wordpress :D )

June 29, 2009

The world is a beautiful crazy misunderstood spinning place, constantly revolving like mirrored doors…

(to warn you, a large part of this blog will be written in the style of Bai Ling.  please visit http://ling-bai.blogspot.com/ and educate yourselves.  you’re welcome. 😉 )

So I say hello!  I am going to try and write a lot without cnsoring mself too much on this thing.  As I write to you, I am sat outsie on the patio and the sky is beautiful, full of smoky clouds one of which obscures a half moon.. is he happy or is he sad?  How refreshing to type without really thinking or restraining myself? I think I may have a cigarette later.

This is a picture of me.

picture one.

picture one.

Actually it didn’t turn out too bad!  I am smiling because I am filled with happiness on this mysterious night.  An aeroplane is flying overhead and I wonder Where is it going?  What passengers are on it?  Are they going on holiday?  I wish I could go with them and escape to a country far far away, a new life… a new me.  My name is Alan but you can call me Chase by the way.  Or whatever you want (within reason).  I want to go back to Spain (where I spent 8 months during my university degree), live near Marbella, near Gibraltar… I miss you San Roque… tq+

That is enough for now!  I will probably write again in a bit, maybe when I take more pictures.  And who knows what mood I will be in? I might be feeling crazy, serious, romantic, creative (hopefully)… anything is possible!  I wish you all the best and thankyou for reading this, hold on tight, are you ready for the chase?  A quiet storm is brewing…


  1. Hi, this is a comment.

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